In business, disruption creates winners and losers

Investors are no longer satisfied with a basic financial plan and a me-too portfolio. Grappling with the complexity of modern life, they want guidance across a range of financial decisions.

Beacon is the cornerstone of holistic financial planning. It creates new levels of client understanding and engagement. And it deepens the most important variable in the adviser/client relationship: Trust.

Beacon delivers
3 stages of value:

Illuminate the future of advice

Together Beam and Beacon shed a unique light on financial planning.

Beam’s engagement approach is fully gamified, empowering clients to achieve better self-awareness through an entertaining and delightful experience. Their data is shared seamlessly, accurately, and securely.

Beacon takes the traditional “Know Your Client (KYC)” process to a whole new level. With Beacon, advisers can understand what triggers a client to make good or bad decisions. Advisers can ask better questions, provide better direction, and build stronger connections and, for the first time, build close relationships that scale.

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