Behavioural Coaching

In the run up to the launch of Project M & INSIGHTS, we are running a series of webinar training sessions, aimed at Financial advisers, on behavioral biases and behaviourally coaching clients.

Gain an understanding of ten behaviours (across the series) that humans exhibit in relation to money, the foundations of human behaviour and how people make decisions.

System 1 / System 2 thinking
Capacity for thinking
Processing errors (heuristics and biases)

Learn how to spot behavioural biases that can harm investor’s financial plans. Explore ten crucial behavioural biases.

What they are
Why they matter
How to measure them through Be-IQ
How to apply the insights

Understand how to build behaviour into financial well-being conversations. Once understood, how to apply behaviour to ensure:

Financial plans factor in behaviour
Communications are tailored to factor in behaviour
Steps for devising a behavioural coaching programme

The webinars will provide valuable and relevant training for any professional irrespective of whether they choose to then adopt INSIGHTS as their source of client behavioural data. There will be ten webinars in the complete series with each webinar tackling two behaviours.

Join or download (upon availability) all ten Behavioral Coaching webinars for £250, fully redeemable against an advanced subscription to our forthcoming INSIGHTS service.

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