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Working with leading researchers and academics, Behavioural IQ is informed by psychology and the related discipline of behavioural science.

3 years in the making

Before we even considered building Behavioural IQ, we had to ensure that we had a solid academic and research-based foundation to build in on. This process, working with some of the leading names in academia, was conducted over a 3 year period. This commitment to ensuring that Behavioural IQ delivers accurate and meaningful outputs is what sets us apart from everyone else.

Committed to research

We are committed to frequently re-run our research to ensure the findings are representative of today’s consumer. We also research other, more focussed areas that can help elaborate, and enhance Behavioural IQ, whilst providing new insight into financial behaviour.

International reach

Our international research programme, which we started in 2016, allows us to compare and contrast other countries financial behaviour with that of the UK. It also allows us to establish a baseline financial capability and behaviour benchmark for those companies outside of the UK using behavioural IQ.

Nobel Prize winning framework

In addition to our proprietary research that establishes those individual behavioural characteristics that have the greatest potential to address the concerns of financial services regulators and providers, we also incorporate a Nobel Prize winning academic framework into Behavioural IQ. This ensures that Behavioural IQ is a robust, and academically sound solution.

Put Be-IQ at the heart of your customer journey.