In business, disruption creates winners and losers

Investors are no longer satisfied with a basic financial plan and a me-too portfolio. Grappling with the complexity of modern life, they want guidance across a range of financial decisions.

Beacon is the cornerstone of holistic financial planning. It creates new levels of client understanding and engagement. And it deepens the most important variable in the adviser/client relationship: Trust.

Beacon delivers
3 stages of value:

Illuminate the future of advice

Together Beam and Beacon shed a unique light on financial planning.

Beam’s engagement approach is fully gamified, empowering clients to achieve better self-awareness through an entertaining and delightful experience. Their data is shared seamlessly, accurately, and securely.

Beacon takes the traditional “Know Your Client (KYC)” process to a whole new level. With Beacon, advisers can understand what triggers a client to make good or bad decisions. Advisers can ask better questions, provide better direction, and build stronger connections and, for the first time, build close relationships that scale.

Beyond numbers and 'facts'

There’s never been a more relevant time to understand what’s driving your clients aspirations and anxieties.

Beam and Beacon, take conversations beyond cold numbers and ‘facts’ directly to the human part of the conversation, building trust through insight and understanding.

What's included?

Know your Client

  • Client-by-client measures covering investing and borrowing domains (with borrowing, spending and saving domains coming this year).
  • Ability to invite clients to share their BEAM insights with you. Also bulk import.
  • Full behaviour report on each behaviour measured, as seen by the client via their Beam app.
  • Eight client ‘personas’ that summarise behavioural propensities and show how best to engage with clients.
  • Persona focussed triggers. See how real world events impact your clients. Use behaviourally led hints and tips on what to reinforce, how to explain the impact off their behaviours, and what to focus on to guide conversations.
  • Game-by-game Reliability score that indicates how consistent the client has been in playing each behavioural game.
  • Behavioural Risk Score (BRS). Traditional psychometrics augmented with abstracted behavioural tests.

Know your Practice

  • Financial Planner empathy score that allows you to understand which behaviours you’ll naturally be able to empathise with and which you will find more challenging.
  • Business view that segments an entire client base behaviourally. Instantly identifying the most and least vulnerable clients and enabling, for the first time, behaviour driven communications strategies.

Training Support

Using Beacon and understanding what client behaviours means is easy through included explanations & contexts. These include personas and triggers. And shortly we’ll be adding a series of short video tutorials to make using it easier still.

For those who want to get the very most from Beacon’s revelations, there’s the option of subscribing to our series of Behavioural Coaching Masterclasses.

Three 90 minute webinars, hosted by Neil Bage & Chris Budd, explore how coaching techniques can be applied to behavioural insights.

your practice
Through the

The Coronavirus crisis and resultant market drops have never made client behavioural insights more relevant or more necessary. We’re aware of this but we’re also very aware of the impact market drops have had on the immediate income of all Practices.

Recognising the pressure both Planners and Clients are under, Be-IQ wants to support the community in adopting behavioural insights into their conversations immediately. To this end we will be temporarily lowering the financial commitment necessary for BEACON in three ways:

  • Enabling all professionals to trial Beam & Beacon FREE for 30 days.
  • Reducing our minimum subscription period from 12 months to 6 months.
  • A further 25% discount to the first 100 Financial Planners who subscribe within 14 days of trialing (30 day FREE period will be retained).

Get Started

Register now to commence your 30 day free trial. You can cancel at any time within your trial period. At the end of the 30 days you will be automatically billed for a six month subscription of Beacon.

  • £125 pcm + VAT per Financial Planner. Minimum 6 months subscription.
  • Includes up to 150 client BEAM Behavioural profiles.
  • Online video tutorials (although it’s pretty self explanatory).
  • Online Behaviour explanations.
The Beam app is currently available on the iOS platform for iPhones & iPads,
an Android version will follow later this year.
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