Foundations of
Behavioural Coaching

After a very successful pilot launch, we are pleased to be running our
Foundations of Behavioural Coaching Webinar series again.

Aimed at Financial Planners, the ten-part series focuses on
3 core areas:

How people make decisions

The neuroscience of decision making
Our capacity for thinking and System 1 & 2
Introduction to heuristics and behavioural biases

Fourteen behavioural bias deep-dives

Outline of each behavioural bias
What each bias is and how it manifests itself
Why this matters in relation to financial planning

Applied Behavioural Insight

Learn Be-IQ’s four-step behavioural coaching model
Understand how to apply behavioural insight into your business
Build the foundations for delivering behavioural coaching

The webinar series will provide valuable and relevant training for any professional irrespective of whether they choose to then adopt INSIGHTS as their source of client behavioural data.

Join the series now for £300, the cost of which is fully redeemable against an advanced subscription to our forthcoming INSIGHTS service.

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