(for advisers)

INSIGHTS is a configurable dashboard that surfaces data from the Project M consumer app where a consumer (client) has elected to share their data. It enables financial advisers and service providers to view and understand a multitude of their clients’ behaviours and, crucially, delivers contexts through highlighting where clients’ behaviours can, positively or adversely, impact a number of current and future financial situations and decision points.

Protect your customers from bad decisions

INSIGHTS facilitates behavioural coaching; getting on the front foot in times of emotion when irrational biases are most likely to affect decision making. Being proactive instead of reactive, and at the same time, improving investment returns by an additional 150bps.*

*Source: Vanguard: ‘Adviser’s Alpha: Putting value on your value’ March 2015

Behavioural Coaching

The service will be launched later this year alongside the companion consumer app, Project M. Firms wishing to utilise INSIGHTS will be required to attend a behavioural coaching training course. If you are interested, please pre-register here.

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