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If you too believe traditional profiling tools rely too heavily on methods open to user influence, then read on...

The problem with psychometrics alone

Questionnaires that are based on a person’s self-assessment of risk are susceptible to flawed outcomes. By accounting for the very thing that makes us human, our behaviours, Behavioural IQ allows for a more human, objective assessment. That white-of-the-eyes understanding of a person face-to-face interactions take for granted.

The benefit of behaviours

By assessing behaviours, and understand how people ‘really’ behave when it comes to finances, you can better understand the person, where they may need assistance, where a behaviour may result in financial self-harm and where they are able to manage things for themselves.

Risk is domain and objective specific

Risk taking is both domain and objective specific. The amount of risk a people is willing to take will change based on certain goals and objectives. Behavioural IQ can offer the best of both worlds. Measuring a person’s general approach to losses and gains, as well as domain / goal / objective specific risk.

Evidencing suitability to the regulator

Suitability is a crucial regulatory principle, with an understanding of behaviours becoming increasingly more important for global regulators. Behavioural IQ provides a robust and repeatable process for assessing the key elements around suitability, going way beyond the traditional methods that focus on risk assessments alone.

Better support for suitability

How can you demonstrate a solution is suitable if you can’t demonstrate that the consumer understands what they are buying? Behavioural IQ tests not only the risk profile of the consumer but also their knowledge and understanding. Especially relevant in an online environment.

Better support for conduct risk

Conduct risk is all about the delivery of fair customer outcomes. It touches every part of an enterprise framework. Behavioural IQ helps evidence conduct risk within the product life-cycle - from the development of a new product, all the way through sun-setting activities.

Put Be-IQ at the heart of your customer journey.