Project M

(for consumers)

Project M is a free, standalone phone app that allows anyone to measure and understand their behavioural biases in addition to seeing the financial situations that these biases can influence. It brings greater self-awareness, and with it, a route to better financial decision making. All wrapped up within a visually stunning interface.

Users of the app are free to share their insights with trusted advisers or partners, enabling them to better tailor their advice and services.

Project M is aimed at anyone interested in personal growth and well-being. It taps into the innate intrigue we have in our behaviours and empowers us, by being aware of our blind spots, to make better decisions.

Businesses interested in delivering tailored services to their clients through absorbing Project M client data should contact us.
Project M will be released later in 2019. You can register for a pre-release version of the app below.

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