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What is Be-IQ?
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Understanding a client and their financial capability is a challenge. It’s even more difficult demonstrating your client’s understanding and acceptance of risk in an increasingly regulated industry.

Be-IQ helps do both.

Backed by academic research

Working with renowned academics and experts in the field of human decision making, Be-IQ uses techniques rooted in Nobel Prize winning theory and is measured against a nationwide survey of financial capability and risk.

8 behavioural measures

These behavioural concepts have the greatest potential to address the concerns of financial services regulators and providers.

1 behavioural risk score

Be-IQ goes beyond psychometric testing by also measuring the behavioural and contextual factors that influence risk and decision making; factors such as loss aversion, confidence and time invested as well as the very context in which such tests are conducted.

More reliable in use

Better understanding a client’s risk profiling and decision-making process requires an output that can be relied upon. Be-IQ includes abstracted, gamified tests, less susceptible to user-manipulation than traditional profiling, delivering greater reliability and insight even when measured whilst the client is investing.

a next generation approach

accounts for time, confidence, loss aversion and capacity for loss

Our research has shown that measures such as confidence and loss aversion have a measurable effect on risk and investment decisions.

stimulates engagement via a consumer-engaging report

What does it mean for a client if they are comfortable with risk and yet loss averse, a gut instinct decision maker yet over confident? Be-IQ’s consumer-facing output provides a meaningful report delivering not just the results, but critically what they could mean for your client.

compares individual and bulk results to the UK population

Understanding a client’s financial capability is a huge step forward in today’s robo and service-led world, but being able to view and data-mine your entire customer base, compare it against the UK and even your own market niche provides for an entirely different level of opportunities.