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Behavioural Profiling
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Accounts for time, confidence, loss aversion and capacity for loss

Our research has shown that measures such as confidence and loss aversion have a measurable effect on risk and investment decisions.

Engage & educate: A consumer-facing report

Behavioural IQ’s consumer-facing output provides a meaningful, written report delivering not just the results, but critically what they could mean for your client.

Compares individual and bulk results to the national population

Behavioural IQ enables the viewing and data-mining of your entire customer base. Compare your risk and behavioural profiles against our UK survey and even your own market niche. Mitigate risks, maximise opportunities.

What is Be-IQ?

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Demonstrably better client understanding

Understanding a client and their financial capability is a challenge.

It’s even more difficult demonstrating your client’s understanding and acceptance of risk in an increasingly regulated industry.

Behavioural IQ helps do both.

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Award Winning

Winner of the FStech awards 2017

Innovation of the year award

Finovate 2018

Best of show award

Schroders Platform Awards 2017

Leading Innovation award

6 measures + capacity for loss

These behavioural concepts have the greatest potential to address the concerns of financial services regulators and providers.

Put Be-IQ at the heart of your customer journey.